High-value objects stolen from Norway museum

Several burglars climbed a scaffold to raid a collection on the seventh story of the University Museum of Bergen.

The history of culture section of the museum was targeted by the thieves, the university announced in a press statement.

Which items were stolen remains unclear at the time of writing.

“So far, we know very little about what happened. An early assessment suggests that objects were taken from the museum, but we do not know which type of objects, or how many objects this concerns,” museum director Henrik Von Achen said in a press statement.

Police have already finished examining the scene, reports broadcaster NRK.

Employees of the museum will now begin cataloguing the extent of the theft, according to the report.

Von Achen told NRK that items from the Viking era may have been stolen, but was unable confirm this.

“This is the worst thing that can happen apart from a fire. We fear that we have lost many things and important things,” he said.

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