Germany returns antique battleaxe to Iraq – Monsters and Critics

Mainz, Germany – Germany returned an ancient Mesopotamian battle axe
to Iraq on Wednesday, after police discovered the item with an
antiques dealer in Munich.
Iraqi ambassador Hussain Mahmood Fadhlalla al-Khateeb accepted the
decorated axe head, which dates back roughly 4,500 years and was found
on territory belonging to modern-day Iraq.
Police found the axe in 2004, and sent it to the Roman-Germanic museum
in Mainz for evaluation, after the owner was unable to produce a
certificate documenting its origin.
The axe is typical of the military equipment used by early
Mesopotamian city states, the museum found.
Al-Khateeb said it was important to crack down on trafficking in
stolen goods, as this was an income stream for terrorist groups.

via Germany returns antique battleaxe to Iraq – Monsters and Critics.

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