Fugitive art dealer Solly Sinai brought from France to NY to face heist charges

Fugitive art dealer Solly Sinai brought from France to NY to face heist charges

BY Alison Gendar

Monday, April 12th 2010, 12:57 PM
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A jet-setting dealer has been dragged from France to New York to face charges he sold stolen art and antiques.

Solly Sinai, who worked out of Israel and Paris, has been linked to pieces stolen in three high-end break-ins in the late 1990s and then hawked at fire-sale prices.

The thefts include more than 200 Japanese antique miniature sculptures stolen from a Paris shop in 1997.

In a second burglary, more than 50 pieces worth more than $1 million – including several pairs of Napoleonic-era antique pistols and an antique silver bowl – were taken.

A third heist netted antique candelabra and valuable “first casts” by the artist Antoine Louis Barye.

Sinai allegedly bought the items on the black market and smuggled six of the pistols into New York in 2000 and sold them to unsuspecting dealers in California.

He also was accused of selling bronze statues and the antique bowl to other dealers in Manhattan, and hawking some of the Japanese miniatures to an antiques dealer in Germany.

He was indicted in 2004.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/04/12/2010-04-12_fugitive_art_dealer_solly_sinai_brought_from_france_to_ny_to_face_heist_charges.html#ixzz0ky0mAbR0

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