EU looks to private sector to fund €100bn digitisation of books, art

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – It will never be known what knowledge was lost in history’s greatest act of cultural vandalism, the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the largest library of the ancient world. In 48 BC, Julius Caesar is thought to have ordered his ships set alight, sparking a firestorm that burnt through the docks of the city and ultimately the great library.

Scholars mourn the tragedy, wondering what literature was stolen forever and what science or philosophy was hidden from humanity only to be rediscovered centuries, millenia later.

Yet to this day, any library, museum or gallery on the planet is still in danger from such elementary foes: fire, tsunami or earthquake, or simple theft. As a result of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, an estimated 1 million books, 10 million documents, and 14,000 archaeological artifacts were lost from libraries and museums.

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EUobserver / EU looks to private sector to fund €100bn digitisation of books, art.

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