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Eight questions to ask if you're thinking of an art loan – Spear’s

Despite the last global financial crisis, the art market has continued to perform well and many families have seen the value of their collections jump to become an increasingly important share of their wealth. As more families are looking at ways to ‘cash out’ and ‘monetise’ their collections, the number of loans secured by art is on the rise both in Asia and in more mature art markets such as the USA. This has led to an influx of new specialist ‘art lenders’ (and even hedge fund lenders), in addition to more traditional lenders such as banks and auction houses.Though it could be a smart move to use the family art collection as security for a loan, one needs to tread carefully, in particular, as the new breed of art lenders tend to offer more expensive loans than traditional lenders. Below are outlined eight points to keep in mind when considering taking a loan with the family art collection as security.

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