Egyptian Museum reopens to intrepid tourists

CAIRO (Reuters) – Dozens of foreign tourists braved the revolution in Egypt on Sunday to visit the world’s greatest collection of pharaonic treasures and were welcomed with roses, as craftsmen meticulously mended artifacts damaged by looting.
The usually busy galleries of the Egyptian Museum, which houses the golden death mask of boy king Tutankhamun, were virtually deserted when doors opened for the first time since the early days of a revolt that ended Hosni Mubarak’s rule.
“It was very important for us to open the museum to stop the rumors like ‘the mask of King Tutankhamun was stolen’ or there had been an orgy of looting … This is a chance for visitors to see for themselves,” Museum Director Tarek El Awady said.
Egyptian soldiers patrolled inside the galleries.


Egyptian Museum reopens to intrepid tourists | Reuters.

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