Doyle and Graham believe that they deserved the reward

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Doyle and Graham believe that they deserved the reward
Submitted by Ashok Rao on Thu, 04/22/2010 – 22:32.

Graham and four other were accused of plotting to ransom the stolen Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece for more than £4million.

The detectives Graham and John Doyle took the picture in a car park in Hale in Cheshire, kept that in their motor and drove to Scotland.

They forced by the bad weather to stop at Lockerbie Manor Hotel in Dumfriesshire. They posed with the masterpiece there.

As per the Police, both thought that they could succeed in their venture, but could not manage to.

Referring them as just a couple of chance takers, who got lucky, the police said they found the painting through underworld sources.

However, Doyle and Grahm believe that they have done a good job as they helped the police to bring back the cultural master piece and they deserve a reward for the same.

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