D-day looms for antiquities dealer facing jail in Greece

A British antiquities dealer who faces being deported to Greece and imprisoned over claims that he sold stolen ancient artefacts to an Athens dealer is expected to learn his fate within the next fortnight.

Malcolm Hay, 60, an Oxford-educated trader who has sold antiquities to museums worldwide, was arrested in 2007 – eight years after he sold broken pottery pieces to the dealer.

He claims the trader, who bought hundreds of shards from him, used his invoice falsely as “whitewashing” for valuable unprovenanced items that were later found in her shop by Greek police.

The items seized from the trader in 2000 were worth nearly £200,000. They included unbroken pots and figurines from around 6BC, which under Greek law belong to the state. She was later acquitted after claiming that she bought them from Hay, a charge he disputes.


via D-day looms for antiquities dealer facing jail in Greece | World news | The Guardian.

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