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Cyprus – Fifth arrest in church theft

A FIFTH man was remanded yesterday for six days after being implicated in the theft of religious artefacts from two Limassol churches.

A police spokesman said: “after acquiring a testimony we have proceeded to arrest a 31-year-old man, he has been remanded for six days and investigations are underway to get to the bottom of the case.”

The spokesman could not confirm if he expected further arrests.

The police spokesman confirmed that the 31-year-old has also been implicated in another unrelated theft case where €4,000 was stolen from a taxi driver on October 14.

On November 30 police in Limassol recovered bibles, religious icons, chalices, crosses and various other stolen artefacts in a successful sting operation after receiving an anonymous tip off.

It was established that the religious artefacts were stolen from the Church of Christ and Saint George’s Church in Limassol last month.

For the same case three Romanian men and a 29-year-old Lebanese man are already in custody.
Published on December 5, 2010

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