Culprits steal plaques, vandalize Fort Petrie museum

Culprits steal plaques, vandalize Fort Petrie museum…
Sharon Montgomery-Dupe – Cape Breton Post
Published on June 18th, 2010
Published on June 18th, 2010
Sharon Montgomery-Dupe
VICTORIA MINES — Thieves continue to show how low they will go.
Jolene MacKenzie, site supervisor at Fort Petrie Military Museum, said the historical site has been hit by vandals and thieves.

“It is discouraging, but also heartbreaking,” she said.
“You work so hard to keep something in your community and this is what happens.”
MacKenzie said the site is set to open in about a week.
“We have been working for a few weeks now getting everything ready.”
Thursday, two heritage plaques were stolen from the battery observation post.
“I would say they used tools, the plaques are huge, they were installed right into the concrete of the building,” she said.
The provincial plaque is solid bronze inscribed with provincial heritage property and includes a Nova Scotia emblem. It is 12×18 inches and weighs about 50 pounds. A smaller olive and green aluminium municipality heritage plaque, presented to the museum by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, was also stolen.

MacKenzie said the provincial plaque is valued at $1,000, the municipal plaque at $300.
She believes they were stolen to sell for the metal.
Two weeks ago culprits broke into the two-storey underground section of the museum, which features ammunition storage rooms and gun shops.
“You work so hard to keep something in your community and this is what happens.” – Jolene MacKenzie
“We don’t know how they did it as even the chain and lock are gone.”
Culprits also broke into the gun watch and artillery shops on the site, with prisoner of war displays.
“They ripped all those display boards down on us.”
MacKenzie said the Sydney Harbour Fortification Society, which oversees the fort, is a non-profit society and does not receive government funding.
“Any damage done comes out of our pocket and we don’t have the money.”
A spokesperson for the Cape Breton Regional Police said the incidents at Fort Petrie are under investigation and extra patrols are being carried out in this area.

District 7 Coun. Jim MacLeod said he is disappointed to hear of the incidents at the historical site.
“Fort Petrie is a place that protected us during the Second World War and should be respected as such.”
He said it is unfortunate someone would do this at a historical site which has such significant meaning,.

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