Couple Charged with Stealing 271 Picasso Paintings | Gather

Couple Charged with Stealing 271 Picasso Paintings | Gather

June 14, 2011


A French couple, aged 71, has been charged with stealing 271 Picasso paintings. The paintings were found in the couple’s garage and were only found because the couple actually contacted the Picasso estate to get the painting evaluated for authenticity.

It appears that not all of the paintings were stolen, as the couple told police that Picasso and his wife, Jacqueline, gave him the paintings while Picasso was still alive. But there were Picasso paintings found that are known to be stolen from another location.

It sounds like the couple didn’t know that some of these paintings were stolen when they acquired them, otherwise why would they contact the estate to verify their authenticity? Unless, due to their age, they had forgotten that they had stolen the paintings or received them illegally. Either way, it will be nice to see the paintings go to the right owner, and the rest be displayed the way they should be for the world to see.

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via: Couple Charged with Stealing 271 Picasso Paintings | Gather.

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