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Cops seek Salar Jung items list

The Central Crime Station sleuths probing the Hassan Ali antique theft case have written to Salar Jung Museum officials, asking for inventory details of antiques, valuable jewellery and artefacts.

The CCS has also asked Salarjung Museum whether Mr Nasir Baig, named as an accused in the case, ever worked there as a custodian or manager between 1992 to 1995 or at any other time.

“We have asked them whether any artefacts or jewellery were missing from the museum. We have also sought the inventory list at the opening of the museum, during the period of the alleged offence and the latest inventory,” said a CCS official.

A Salarjung Museum official responded verbally to the CCS request and told them that the museum had no valuable jewellery.

Additionally, the cops are looking into the ‘replacement’ angle, to see if valuable jewels of the Nizam have been replaced with imitation jewellery.

“There could be another angle to this — the accused Hassan Ali may be cheating buyers of antiques by claiming the imitation jewellery is from the royal family,” said an official.

An official of the state archaeology department ad-ded, “Jewellery smugglers, while trying to dupe their clients, often make false claims that certain pieces of jewellery or precious stones belong to the Nizam of Hyderabad. This case too may be a false claim by the smugglers to raise the antique value of the jewellery,” he speculated.


Cops seek Salar Jung items list | Deccan Chronicle.

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