CBS Reporter Investigated for Looting

November 10th, 2008 By: Michael van der Galien
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Jules Crittenden reports that federal agents are investigating whether CBS correspondent Lara Logan smuggled mementoes to the U.S.

Agents found out that Logan had items in her possession which belong back in Iraq, after a video profile on the beautiful reporter was aired called “Lara Logan’s Spoils of War.”

In the video, Logan shows off mementoes from Iraq and Afghanistan which she keeps in her Washington office. She explained she found the pieces in the ruins of the Olympic committee building after it was bombed by American forces.

A U.S. law, which aims at protesting Iraqis’ heritage considers such actions theft.

As Jules points out in a couple of times in his post on it, Logan is one of the most beautiful and ambitious female reporters in America. The case could hurt her image considerably, considering the unprofessional nature of the act; a reporter reports. Not steal.

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