Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 lost by British Museum. Lost? Or stolen?

The British Museum has revealed that it lost a £750,000 diamond ring in 2011, raising concerns about the museum’s security procedures.

The Cartier ring went missing from the central London museum, but the circumstances behind its disappearance six years ago are unclear. The police were called but they decided not to take the matter further.

Another search took place in 2016 as, under its regulations, the museum had to report the ring as lost five years after its disappearance was first noted.

The ring was given to the museum by an anonymous donor and was kept in the study collection, an area not accessible to the public.

Experts said that if the item had been misplaced it reflected poor management and if it had been stolen the public should have been informed. Warning of the risk of theft by staff, one called for stricter security checks.

Full report: Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 lost by British Museum | Culture | The Guardian

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