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Bulgaria. Police Find Stolen Paintings in Sofia's Pancharevo District.

Police Find Stolen Paintings in Sofia’s Pancharevo District.
The rare artworks were stolen fifteen years ago.

While inspecting a private home in Sofia’s Pancharevo residential district, the police ran into twelve paintings by the famous Bulgarian masters Dechko Uzunov, Svetlin Rusev, Encho Pironkov and Dimitar Lalev, stolen fifteen years ago. In 1994, 15 paintings were reported stolen from the art gallery in the town of Velingrad. The investigation on the robbery was closed in 2000 and the paintings were forgotten.
However, the anti-mafia police ran into the twelve paintings during an anti money laundering operation in Pancharevo. The officers also found three precious tapestries. One of them was stolen from former Deputy Minister of Interior Kamen Penkov.

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