Brooklyn Vigilantes Nab Art Thief by Taco Truck

Picasso (or T.S. Eliot, one of those guys) famously said that good artists imitate and great artists steal. Perhaps the sticky-fingered thief at the opening of “Rules of Engagement,” a group show atAllan Nederpelt Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, took that slogan to heart when he suddenly felt compelled to lift a $1,200 drawing, by Leo Koenig artist Ridley Howard — right off the wall, in front of everybody. The would-be art criminal then carried the framed piece into a car waiting on slush-covered Freeman Street, near a taco truck that was doing a brisk business during the opening.

The drawing itself — an untitled, 2009 study for a painting— was positioned on a wall quite close to the exit of the 5,000 square foot space. “It was near the end of the opening; the beer was running out,” says David Coggins, who curated the group show. “All of a sudden I hear Martin Nederpelt, who owns the building and runs the space, yell ‘Stop!’ He sprints toward the front — he can move very well for a 50-year old. All I could think was that somebody stole a work. But then I thought ‘nobody would do that.’ It’s basically the worst thing that can happen at an opening.”


Brooklyn Vigilantes Nab Art Thief by Taco Truck | In the Air: Art Auction’s Gossip Column |

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