Brazen Thief Hits Wayne Co. Museum

Police need your help to track down a man who allegedly stole a civil war uniform and sword at the Museum of Wayne County. Police say the theft was similar to an art theft at a museum in Mount Morris last week.

A Wayne County Sheriff Department Investigator returned to the museum, searching for the fingerprints of a man Larry Ann Evans believes stole a Civil War era uniform and sword Friday afternoon.

“A man came in and asked if he could have some water for his overheated car,” she said.

Evans, the executive director of the museum, says she brought the man some water. When he put a couple dollars in the donation box in the lobby, she offered to give him a tour, showing him the exhibits downstairs, including the historical Wayne County Jail.

“He enjoyed that a lot,” she said. “He said he’d never been in jail before, but his brother had.”

Evans said he earned her trust, so she told him he could take a look around on the second floor. After 10 minutes, she said he came down the stairs and walked quickly passed her office and out the main door.

“I went right out after him, and I stopped him right there on the steps and said don’t you want your water?”

That’s when Evans saw something protruding out of his backside and asked him what it was.

“Without missing a beat he says, ‘It’s a colostomy bag. It’s really embarrassing. I don’t like talking about it.’ And I’m like, ok, what am I going to say at that point? Can I see your bag?”

Evans ran inside and called 9-1-1 while the man drove away, getting away with this civil war uniform and sword. It is memorabilia, Evans says, can’t be replaced.

“We just want it back,” she said.

Evans says the museum has a security alarm system, but she will now be installing surveillance cameras in each room.

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