Bill Reid theft. Gas masks, bear spray, used in Vancouver art heist


* Egypt antiquities chief hails ‘naked’ mummies cover-up (Zahi Hawass once
again seeks publicity. He better worries about the stolen mask in the Saint
Louis Art Museum)

* Bill Reid Heist: Interpol alerted two days after art theft

* A temporary library will open today to serve as the home of the Cathedral
City Library, which sustained some $2 million in damage in a fire in February
and is not expected to reopen before October or November.

* Libraries at institutions such as Transylvania University have tightened
security in recent years following thefts of expensive books and documents.
But experts say library thefts are inevitable, and sometimes stolen items are
never found.

* Sprinklers save historic restaurant

* Berlin Philharmonic fire blamed on welding work

* Missing Picasso Artworks (May 27) – with visuals2

* Foreign museums to boost ties with Iran’s Nat’l Museum

* American coin collectors and art dealers say a rule under consideration at
the State Department could dramatically decrease the importation of goods from
China, crippling a booming antiquities market in the United States.

* Israel. Police recover Roman-era figurine, meter-high pottery in home raid –
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* Course info: Introduction to Museum Security

* Bill Reid theft. Gas masks, bear spray, used in Vancouver art heist