Art Theft Central: Egypt's Cultural Heritage: Conflicting Reports

Egypt’s Cultural Heritage: Conflicting Reports

More news related to Egypt’s culture in peril… Today, the Associated Press reports,

Soldiers detained about 50 men trying to break into the Egyptian National Museum in a fresh attempt to loot some of the country’s archaeological treasures, the military said Monday…

…In the ancient city Luxor in southern Egypt, locals fended off a band of robbers who tried to break in and steal antiquities from the warehouse of the famed Karnak Temple on the east bank of the Nile. The group clashed with the attackers who arrived at the temple carrying guns and knives in two cars around 3 a.m Monday, and arrested five of them, said neighborhood protection committee member Ezz el-Shafei. The locals handed the five men to the army, which has posted a handful of soldiers at the vast temple’s entrance.

In an interview today with the Associated Press, Zahi Hawass, who recently was named antiquities minister in a new cabinet appointed by President Hosni Mubarak, said “Last week, Bedouins pulled up in a truck and looted a storage site in Qantara, near the Suez Canal. But 288 items – the majority of what was missing – were returned.” Hawass added, “I am so happy to announce that today everything is safe.”

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