Art and the blimp bank of of Dirk Scheringa: DSB

May 20, 2009 by The Limping Messenger/De Hinkende Bode

An earlier post of the Limping Messenger of May 6th. 2009 about the armed robbery of the Scheringa Museum in the Netherlands (The museum of lootings and the looting of museums) displayed a picture of one of the two works of art that had been stolen, a Salvador Dali gouache of 1941. I already mentioned I was not sure whether I had found the right picture of that Dali work, and yesterday I did find the correct picture on a special page of the website of the DSB bank – related to the Scheringa Museum – that has only recently be published.

‘Adolescence’ (1941) van Salvador Dalí, gouache painted on a page of the French magazine ‘Pour Vous.’ The fusion of images is a mountain landscape that is at the same time a portrait of a famou actress of that time Betty Stockfeld., while it displays at the same time a mother and child sitting at the waterside. (a fragile work mounted in a gilded frame under glass; 45 x 30 cm).

‘La Musicienne’ (1929) van Tamara de Lempickan (1898-1980), the Scheringa Museum, an “Art Deco” painting (116 x 73 cm).
The web page of the bank also reveals that the rare work by Dali has been personally acquired from a Parisian art dealer by Dirk Scheringa, the owner of the DSB bank and gives detailed of the vulnerability of the gouache in its gilded frame. Tips of the whereabouts of the artworks can be communicated to the bank of Scheringa via this web page. One wonders whether The DSB bank and its related web of financial firms in the field of mortgage and insurance has also insured these two artworks and for which amount of money.

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