Ancient Egyptian Necklace Stolen From Dayton Museum

DAYTON, Ohio — Dayton police said someone stole an ancient Egyptian necklace from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

The necklace, made from carnelian gems, was donated in the 1940s, but it is believed to be several thousand years old.

Lynn Simonelli, vice president of collection and research for the museum, said someone tampered with the display case that held the necklace.

A few of the carnelian beads fell off the necklace, but the majority of the rest are missing.

It is unknown how much the necklace is worth, but Simonelli said the real value is in its educational potential.

“It’s unfortunate that one person would be greedy enough to mess things up for everyone else in the Miami Valley,” Simonelli said. “This is our mission, to educate the world about the world of science.”

Dayton police have not made any arrests in the case, but anyone with information can call 333-COPS.

Simonelli said the person who stole the gems can return the jewelry at the museum’s front desk, no questions asked.