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AMC to install CCTV cameras at museum

AMC to install CCTV cameras at museum

Aghast at a rare 18th century coin going missing from the museum at Sanskar Kendra in broad daylight, civic authorities order an inquiry

By Zahid Qureshi and Ruturaj Jadhav
Posted On Sunday, June 06, 2010 at 03:47:09 AM

Shocked by the theft of a rare and priceless 18th century gold coin from the museum at Paldi, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

A meeting of senior officials held on Friday night also decided to install CCTV cameras that will cover the entire museum in view of the rare and ancient coins and artifacts at the museum.

The daylight theft of the rare 1748 coin released during Mughal Emperor Mohammad Shah’s era has woken up the officials to the need to enhance security to guard the city’s heritage.

Another rare artifact at the museum Besides the stolen coin, the museum boasts of the other rare coins, paintings, artifacts and paintings which serve as a reminder of a bygone era.

An inquiry into the theft at the museum is being carried out in a hush-hush manner. In fact, on Friday the officials at the museum were not prepared to give details of the missing coin.

The big question that the AMC needs to answer is that are four caretakers including security enough to take care of a museum that has such invaluable and priceless objects.

According to sources, “City museum has a staff of four caretakers. Of which one is on leave. At the time of the incident only one person was present in the museum. According to the rules, at any given time two caretakers should be present in the museum.”

Confirming the decision taken at the meeting to instal CCTV cameras to cover every inch of the museum, Deputy Municipal Commissioner S K Langha said, “We will ensure that every corner of the museum is monitored by closed circuit television cameras.”

Ellisbridge police recorded statements of museum officers on Saturday and started the investigation. Investigating Officer, P D Solanki said “We have taken statements of some museum officials and are investigating the case thoroughly.”

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