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Ahmedabad, India: CCTV cameras yet to be installed at city museum

CCTV cameras yet to be installed at city museum

AMC had promised to install cameras at Amdavad no Atit following the theft of a rare 1748 gold coin

Zahid Qureshi and Ruturaj Jadav

Amdavad no Atit museum from where the 10.5 gm gold coin of Emperor Mohammed Shah’s era was stolen in broad day light Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has failed to install CCTV cameras at Amdavad no Atit, after a rare 1748 gold coin, belonging to Mughal Emperor Mohammed Shah’s era, was stolen in a broad day light in June.

The AMC authorities had promised to strengthen the security at the
museum. Though the number of security guards have increased at the museum, the CCTVs are yet to be installed.

The security-strengthening plan was to keep a watch at every nook and corner of the museum.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner S K Langha said, “The places for
installation of CCTVs have been earmarked, and the cameras will be functional within 15 days.”

A total of six cameras will be put up at the museum and will be controlled from the museum superintendent’s office. Langha said, “The cameras will be of high definition and the data of 15 days will be stored.”

The Amdavad no Atit museum houses rare coins, paintings, artifacts, photographs, news clipping and paintings that serve as a reminder of a bygone era.

The spot where the coin was displayed before it was stolen Following the coin stolen in broad day light from the museum, AMC had filed a complaint at Ellisbridge police station in this connection.

However, police have not been able to find any lead in this case till date. J B Gadhavi, senior PI of Ellisbridge police station, said, “The investigation is on and we are trying to trace the culprits on the basis of statements taken from the museum officials.”

About the coin

The stolen coin was around 250 years old, and was released during Mughal Emperor Mohammed Shah’s reign in 1748. The gold coin weighed around 10.5 gms.

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