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Priest dies in Tunisian library fire, blaze destroyed 30 to 40 percent of the library's 100,000-volume collection.

Priest dies in Tunisian library fire
An Italian Catholic priest has been found dead amid the rubble of a fire that ravaged a library in the Tunisian capital.
Vicar general Ramon Echeverria says the body of Father Gian-Baptista Maffi, a 54-year-old Italian, was discovered in the wake of Wednesday’s fire. Maffi was a full-time employee of the library.
Echeverria says the blaze destroyed 30 to 40 percent of the library’s 100,000-volume collection.
The origin of the fire is not known, but Echeverria dismissed speculation it might have been arson.
The library belongs to the Institute of Arabic Letters and was founded in 1928.
Its collection focuses on books about Islam and Arab cult.

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