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We manufacture a security fog system that very well suited to the museum environment, due to extreme area denial, low operating cost, safe use and proven track record. FlashFog was created for retail burglary, which is carried out by very brazen and experienced burglars.
I am wonder if you can please mention our technology and hopefully point people to our site with a link? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me. attached our press release and actual video footage.

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Reporters who actually saw FlashFog said:

Defense Review
… demo ended up being one of the highlights of the show… …Within seconds, we were totally engulfed, and couldn’t see anything. The immediate sensation was one of claustrophobia. Then the strobe hit us, and that was it. We were done. If you’re a smash-and-grab robber and this system is activated, good luck getting all the stuff. You’re gonna’ need it.

Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine
I wish I could really show you how the FlashFog works… …with a totally blinding heavy, thick fog. Then she suggested we cover our eyes for the demonstration as she pushed another button that set off a huge flashing strobe light. The result was complete and total blindness and disorientation… …Way cool!

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January 7th, 2009

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(Montreal, Canada) Art display designer AS Hanging Systems creates secure, flexible, museum-quality art hanging systems to fit every kind of museum, gallery, corporate, and even residential collection. Since 1964, company founders have been deeply involved with the arts, especially in the area of gallery management. A special passion for the arts combined with decades of experience in the care, restoration, appreciation, and display of artwork gave birth in 1999 to AS Hanging Systems.

Over the course of their journeys in the art world, the owners perceived the need for versatile museum quality artwork hanging systems that could fit a variety of display goals. A picture hanging system was needed to keep gallery pieces safe from both injury and theft, while being able to adapt to the available art display space and blend elegantly with the artwork. AS Hanging Systems has successfully created a line of gallery hanging systems and art display products to meet these ambitious goals. Details about their many picture hanging systems are available at

This Canadian company provides artwork hanging systems for a wide range of settings. Their art display products are found in universities, corporate headquarters, art galleries, museums, hospitals, libraries, and private residences. An impressive and varied international client list includes:

The French Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Seattle Art Museum
Wall Street Journal
University of California
Brooklyn Public Library
Boeing Corporation
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Martin Luther King Jr. Library
University of Michigan
Massachusetts General Hospital
U.S. Military History Museum
The entire list of installations exceeds 7,500 locations.

AS Hanging Systems participates regularly in industry gatherings and will be exhibiting at the West Coast Art & Frame (WCAF) Show, Las Vegas, in January 2009. Representatives and an exhibit will also be found at the American Institute for Architects (AIA) Conference, San Francisco, in April 2009. Anyone looking for first hand knowledge about picture hanging systems and museum displays is encouraged to visit. A long time member of the American Association of Museums, AS Hanging Systems is also involved with several other industry organizations.

All of the company’s art hanging systems consist of three key elements:

• A track that mounts on the wall or ceiling.
• A hook that attaches to the art work for hanging.
• A suspending picture cable or rod that connects the track to the hook.

Beyond this basic description, AS Hanging Systems product lines vary to fulfill specific requirements. The steel construction Museum Hanging System easily supports 600 lb. ‘Great Masters’ for secure and elegant display of fine art masterpieces. Several systems have Anti-Theft construction, perfect for public displays in schools, public offices, and museum galleries. The sturdy Classic system features strength, ease of use and flexibility for art display in many configurations. The Cable System comes with either transparent nylon cord or stronger steel cables and features discreet industrial strength. The Click Rail System offers the most discreet mounting tracks for a sleek and elegant art display product.

A unique item is AS Hanging Systems’ Curved Wall System allowing for picture hanging on convex, concave, and even serpentine wall configurations. All museum quality picture hanging systems come in a variety of finishes and colors to create perfect harmony in most any interior space. Many art display hardware options are available including picture hooks, hangers, cable, and picture mounting kits.

A dedication to museum quality work and the enhancement of artwork through proper display is evident through the craftsmanship of AS Hanging Systems’ gallery products. To request a quote or more information about their picture hanging systems, call 866-935-6949 or fill out the convenient contact form at An experienced representative will be in touch promptly.

Public Relations Contact:

Dave Veilleux
VP, Business Development
AS Hanging Systems
AS Hanging FAQ about Art Hanging Systems, Museum Displays, Gallery Hanging Systems”:

AS Hanging Product Lines: Picture Hanging Systems, Art Display Products, Mounting Kits:
Photo Gallery of Museum Quality Picture Hanging Systems and Display Products:

July 19th, 2008

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